List of Current Available Irish Setter Puppies

Puppies Listed Here are Ready for Adoption

Remember to spay or neuter your pets

When we have Irish Setter puppies available they will be listed here. We currently have no puppies available due to the high demand for Irish Setter puppies this time of year.  We will keep you posted here should any puppies become available. The adoption fee will be posted here as well, along with the actual cost of  veterinarian's fee for the dog's health check and shots.

We don't beg the public for money for health care of any dog we may have, if you are adopting a dog from us the veterinarian's fee (if any) will be given to you upfront, usually under $40. for the puppy's health check and shots. You should be cautious of any website asking you for donations. There are many of these fraudulent operators out there looking for victims to extract money from under the guise that they have tens of thousands dollars in
veterinarian's bills to pay. If that were the case, one wonders how long the dog will live after you get one from them. Some of these operations buy dogs from puppy mills and resell them for a large profit they don't care if you get a sick and unhealthy dog or not, their bottom line is how much they can personally profit. These operations are nothing but puppy brokers that  manipulate the public for their own profit and not the good of breed.

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