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Please remember to spay or neuter you dog.

          Finding homes for rescued Irish Setters  both adult and puppies.

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 Do you have a Irish Setter you can no longer keep?

Before putting your dog in a shelter, try advertising it as "free to a good home" on Craigs list!  Your dog may well be put down in a few weeks at a shelter if they can't find a home for it, or worse yet,  you may be giving your dog to a phony rescue operation that make big profits by reselling you dog with a hefty "adoption fee".  Read more about these type of operations below.

Editorial Opinion

BEWARE of Phony "Rescue" Operations

It has recently been reported to us that there are a number of phony  "rescue" operations that are begging for money from the public on their websites.   It is my opinion that many of these operations are nothing more than puppy brokers or puppy mill promoters, who often buy dogs at dog auctions and elsewhere at a low price then resell them as "rescue" dogs. 

It has been suggested that some may be breeding dogs in such places as Tennessee and Missouri and in  some of these other southern states and then selling them as rescue setters.  Perhaps these unscrupulous operators should call their operations  "Deliverance" after the movie of the same name. 

Some of these operations have been advertising dog with parvo, a very dangerous condition. NEVER buy a dog with parvo.  We would NEVER place such a sick, dying or knowingly defective dog with anyone!  NEVER buy a dog from a rescue website that is begging for money, especially after they ask $400 for a alleged "rescue" dog.  You shouldn't have to pay more than a $40 adoption fee from a shelter. 

One "rescue" website claims that they had over $10,000 in vet's bills in just a few months and begged the visitors to send them donations via Paypal!  Don't walk away from these type of operations, RUN!!! 

Reports of people getting  defective dogs from phony rescue  operations abound. One person got a dog from such a operation and spent  thousands dollars on the dog only for it to die within a years time!

 Some of these "rescue" websites are nothing more than dog brokers, who buy and then resell dogs at a profit. They have no scruples on buying and placing sick dogs from  unscrupulous "hillbilly" breeding operations  to unsuspecting consumers, or perhaps I should I say victims.  They give everyone a bad name.

Beware of any website that claim they want to  save our setters and then beg for money from you, while at the same time asking $400 for sick and defective dogs that have two paws in the grave and the other two on a banana peel!

Beware of any website that claim they have a list of breeders that they prefer and  call all other hobby breeders & professional kennels  by such terms  as  "back yard breeders"  "commercial breeders"  and "puppy mills" etc.   These phony  rescue operations  don't know anymore about a kennel or breeder than  you do.  If you are buying a puppy from a breeder contact the breeder yourself, in person if possible.  These  phony  rescue operations often  want to refer you to the the very people who supply them with sick dogs in the first place.  We have heard of one incident where a phony rescue operation tried to purchase puppies from a reputable breeder at a ridicules low price and when the breeder told them to "hit the road" they began to engage is  slander and libel of the kennel. Remember defamation is one of the weapons in the arsenal of a phone rescue operation,  after all, they are trying to convince you to buy a dog from them so they can make a profit while discouraging you from buying directly from a breeder. They want to be the middle man making a big profit while not having to do any of the work of taking care of the dogs themselves. You may often see them asking for volunteers to be "foster homes" for their operation. Pretty good racket don't you think?

These same operations put out false information on reputable Irish Setter breeders so they can sell their own stock of sick puppies.  Beware of any website that engages in defamation either in the form of slander (oral communications)  or libel (written communications) of  any breeder.  You don't see any type of defamation of breeders here, do you?  That is because we aren't in "business" to pad our own bank accounts by attacking reputable Irish Setter breeders so that we can sell our dogs! These type of operations also engage in trade libel, where they go out and buy a dog from a reputable breeder and then make false claims that the dog has some "psychological" or other unspecified condition or unsubstantiated claim.  If you see these type of claims always ask yourself this simple question, "What is their ulterior motive?"  Why are they bashing reputable breeders? 

This website isn't about bashing reputable breeders (so we can profit)  that is why you don't see attacks on breeders here. We aren't about padding our bank accounts so you don't see us begging for you to send us money through paypal here!  Get the facts!  Stay away from unscrupulous "rescue" operations.

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